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Korg AudioGate v.2.2 DSD/SACD Playback Software

Korg has released version 2.2.0 of its free AudioGate software, available for all content creators and listeners alike. AudioGate enables the real-time playback of DSD/SACD files “on any computer system, with any audio hardware,” confirms Korg. AudioGate provides dithering algorithms, editing tools such as divide, merge, normalize, fade-in/fade-out and DC cut. Users can convert from 5.6 MHz or 2.8 MHz 1-bit audio files to any other format, including 16- or 24-bit PCM (up to 192 kHz sample rates), Apple Lossless or AAC, FLAC, Broadcast WAV (up to 32-bit floating supported) and MP3 formats. It can be used to burn audio CDs, and the newer DSD Disc format (2.8 MHz sample rate), which can be played back on a growing number of devices, such as Sony Playstations and Vaio computers.

Other new features include support for several of the new features of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion); auto sample rate switching; Songlist function; Apple Remote support; Support for the new WASAPI*1 audio driver; and more. 

Price: Free 

Contact: Korg |