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KRK Systems Launches Audio Tools App

New app aids setting up any studio monitors—but particularly KRK’s new ROKIT G4s.

Chatsworth, CA (July 18, 2019)—KRK Systems has introduced its new KRK Audio Tools App for iOS and Android. The free suite of professional studio tools includes five analysis-based components designed to work with any monitor setup, as well as an additional EQ Recommendation tool specifically designed for working KRK ROKIT G4 monitors into an acoustic environment.

Tools within the app include a Spectrum Real Time Analyzer (RTA), Level Meter, Delay and Polarity Analyzers, and a Monitor Align tool that helps users set their monitor positioning more accurately to their listening area. Within the app is a sound generator, giving the user sound analysis options of sine, continuous sine sweep, white noise and pink noise—all of which can help the analysis process in different conditions.

KRK Releases Rokit G4 Studio Monitors

“We wanted to build something game-changing for the new ROKIT G4 line that enables our users to achieve better final mixes overall,” explains Rich Renken, product manager—Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands. “In terms of critical listening, the G4 monitors are completely different, and a major upgrade from the previous G3 line. Our intentions with the EQ Recommendation tool are to suggest a flatter condition and help get the user to a better starting point. Ultimately, it still comes down to preference and using your musical ear, but it’s certainly great to have this feature available along with the others in the app.”

Five of the app tools work with any monitor setup—the Level Meter, which assists with monitor level calibration to ensure all monitors are at the same dB level, as well as the Delay Analysis feature that helps calculate the time from each monitor to the user’s ears. Additionally, the app’s Polarity function is used to verify the correct wiring of monitors, minimizing bass loss and incorrect stereo imaging reproduction—the results of monitors being out of phase, while the Spectrum RTA and Sound Generator can be used for finding nuances in an environment. Last of the five, the Monitor Alignment feature determines placement of multiple monitors within proximity. This is accomplished by placing a smart device on each monitor separately and then rotating to the correct angle degree.

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A sixth tool, exclusive to ROKIT G4 owners, is the EQ Recommendation tool, intended to help acclimate monitors to an environment; it analyzes the app-generated pink noise and subsequently suggests the best EQ preset, which is set manually on the back of the G4 monitors.

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