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KRK Systems Unveils Classic 5 Studio Monitors

The new monitors draw on concepts and components from KRK’s history.

Nashville, TN (November 5, 2019)—KRK Systems has debuted its new Classic 5 Professional Bi-amp Studio Monitors, designed with an eye towards adapting and adopting concepts from the brand’s previous Rokit lines.

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Jimmy R. Landry, global director of Marketing, Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands, noted that during the development process, the company “zoomed in and fine-tuned certain components to make it an incredibly versatile monitor for music creation, mixing and mastering.”

The powered nearfield studio monitor sports an optional +2dB KRK Bass Boost, a bi-amped Class A/B amplifier with built-in automatic limiter and a low-resonance enclosure for minimized distortion and colorization. Additionally, a five-inch lightweight, glass-Aramid composite woofer is claimed to provide clear midrange and tighter bass, and a one-inch soft dome tweeter with waveguide provides highs up to 35 KHz.

The Classic 5 monitor also comes preinstalled with hi-density foam pads underneath to decouple the speaker enclosure from the surface, aiming to provide clarity and more accurate frequency response.

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The monitors also feature a front-slotted bass port, which reduces boundary coupling and aids positioning within a room, and high- and low-frequency controls so that users can adjust the monitor’s sound to their environment and preference. Multiple inputs (XLR, ¼-inch, RCA) provide connectivity for the Classic 5.

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