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L-Acoustics 5XT Ultra-Compact Coaxial Enclosure & SB15m Compact Subwoofer

L-Acoustics’ latest, the 5XT ultra-compact coaxial enclosure and SB15m compact subwoofer, will ship in Winter 2012. 

The newest and smallest member of the XT coaxial series, the 5XT (pictured) is based on a two-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. The compact system contains a one-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by a five-inch low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The 5XT cabinet is made of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood. A 3/8-inch microphone stand insert and two M8 inserts for the ETR5 flying bracket are integrated into the cabinet. The 5XT enclosure operates over a frequency range of 90 Hz to 20 kHz. The coaxial transducer arrangement reportedly produces a 100-degree axi-symmetric directivity output along with “a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range,” offers L-Acoustics. Power and processing for the 5XT is delivered by the LA4 or LA8 amplified controller.

Recommended for use with L-Acoustics’ KIVA and XT series enclosures – including the 5XT – the new SB15m extends the operating frequency range of these systems down to 40 Hz. The SB15m features a single 15-inch driver in a bass reflex tuned enclosure “to provide impact, sensitivity, low thermal compression and reduced distortion.” Its vent allows “laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise even at the highest operating levels.” These combined properties reportedly contribute to the sonic qualities of the SB15m in terms of precision and musicality. The SB15m cabinet is likewise made of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood. A pole-mount socket is integrated into the top of the SB15m cabinet allowing one XT enclosure or two KIVA to be mounted directly above. SB15m subwoofers can be flown or ground-stacked as a standalone vertical array or within an SB15m/KIVA array. Like the 5XT, the SB15m is powered and processed by the LA4 or LA8 amplified controller. 

Prices: $850 and $2,660 list (5XT and SB15m, respectively)

Contact: L-Acoustics |

Here is a brief video detailing the 5XT and SB15m: