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LaChapell Audio Unveils New Tube Mic Preamps

Pair of preamps mark the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Chanhassen, MN (March 19, 2019)—For its 20th anniversary, LaChapell Audio has introduced the all-new 983M single channel tube mic preamp and the 983S MK2 two channel tube mic preamp.

The preamps sport feature True48, a dynamic phantom power supply that properly powers condenser and active mics. “Phantom power is notorious for not providing enough power for many mics; True48 gives mics a more stable power supply,” said Ted Klein, president of Digital Audio Labs, which purchased LaChapell Audio in 2017. “We’re seeing faster transient recovery, more headroom and lower distortion levels from most mics that use True48. The difference to how the mics feel and respond is stunning. It’s really something that needs to be experienced.”

LaChapell Bows 500TDI Tube DI

True48 is featured in the 983M single channel mic preamp, a half rack sized unit that is portable. Those looking for a rack mountable version can find True48 in the new 983S MK2 two channel tube preamp.

In addition to True48, both units have front panel Hi-Z inputs, high and low pass filters with selectable frequencies, mute, polarity and -20dB pad options. Both units are available now.

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