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Lectrosonics Debuts SPDR Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

An update on Lectrosonics’ PDR, the new edition records in stereo.

Rio Rancho, NM (September 13, 2018)—Lectrosonics has released the the SPDR—Stereo Portable Digital Recorder—which is a stereo version of its PDR micro digital recorder. The unit is intended for use in news, film and video production or in situations where a wireless system isn’t practical.

The SPDR records to a Micro SDHC memory card in Broadcast Wave Format (.WAV with iXML metadata) and 24 bit depth, in sample rates of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. The unit can accept inputs from analog line level and AES digital sources, or from lav microphones wired for standard Lectrosonics 5-pin “servo bias” inputs. The SPDR can handle time code via an industry-standard 5-pin Lemo connector, and features a temperature compensated time base crystal.

Lectrosonics Bows RPS4 Power Supply

When used in conjunction with a small mixer and the SRC receiver, the SPDR makes for an interview setup that provides full redundancy. The SPDR also features a deep write buffer.

Dweedle tone commands allow start and stop using the PDRRemote, a third party application for iPhone or Android. The SPDR has an external power input with internal battery switchover, allowing all-day recording from a bag battery with immediate fall back to the internal batteries in the case of an external power loss. A 32 GB memory card allows almost 30 hours of recording time at the 48 kHz sample rate, and the unit includes a headphone output for playback and monitoring.

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Run times of up to 13 hours can be expected when using Alkaline AA batteries.

The Lectrosonics PDR is available with an MSRP of $1,495 U.S.

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