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Lectrosonics Launches Venue 2-941 Wireless System

Lectrosonics has created a new variant on its Venue 2 Digital Hybrid Wireless multi-channel receiver system.

Rio Rancho, NM (November 6, 2019)—Lectrosonics has introduced a new version of its Venue 2 Digital Hybrid Wireless multi-channel receiver system. The new Venue 2-941 works in the 941-960 MHz frequency band, recently expanded for use in the United States. Other than its tuning range, the new version is functionally identical to the wideband UHF versions available since 2016.

The 944-952 MHz band was previously reserved for use by licensed broadcasters for Studio Transmission Links (“STL”s) along with some wireless microphones and IFB (Interruptible Fold-Back) systems. This band has now been expanded by the FCC to include specific ranges between 941–960 MHz. The eligibility for this band has also changed and is now open to all Part 74 Licensed wireless microphone operators.

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The new system consists of the VRM2-941 host frame assembly and the VRT2-941 receiver modules. The Venue 2-941 can host up to six channels in 1RU and offers an Ethernet connection for programming and monitoring via Wireless Designer software on a PC or Mac computer.

The Venue 2-941 receiver is compatible with previously introduced transmitters in the 941-960 MHz band, including the SMV-941 and SMQV-941 miniature belt pack transmitters, the HMa-941 plug-on transmitter and the HHa-941 handheld transmitter. All transmitter models in this band offer 50 and 100 mW RF power settings. Additionally, the PCA900 semi-directional antenna is also available, covering the 900-1,100 MHz range.

The specific tuning ranges for these products is 941.525 – 951.975 MHz, 952.875 – 965.225 MHz., and 956.475 – 959.825 MHz. Parts of these bands are shared with MAS (Multiple Access Systems) and some fixed microwave devices.

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The system is currently shipping with a MSRP of $2,529 on the VRM2-941 frame, and $719 for VRT2-941 receiver modules.

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