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Lectrosonics Unveils D Squared Digital Wireless Mic System

Lectrosonics’ new wireless mic offers eight channels in 1RU.

Rio Rancho, NM (June 4, 2019)—Lectrosonics has introduced its new D Squared digital wireless microphone system, based around the DSQD 4-channel digital receiver, DBu digital belt pack transmitter and DHu digital handheld transmitter.

System features include 24 bit, 48 kHz digital audio, 2-way IR sync, three levels of encryption and a tuning range from 470-608 MHz (470-614 MHz for export versions). The system offers eight channels in 1RU, which Lectrosonics reports is the highest rack density of any current wireless system. Additionally, the system offers backward compatibility with the company’s Digital Hybrid transmitters, so all the Lectrosonics SM, SSM, HM and HH units produced over the last 17 years can be used with the new DSQD receiver.

Bal Takes Lectrosonics to the Hop

The DSQD digital receiver is a four-channel, half-rack design with high-resolution color display, analog or Dante digital outputs, and rear BNC antenna ports with “loop-thru” buffered BNC outputs to another receiver. The DSQD is compatible with the latest Lectrosonics all-digital transmitters including the DB Series and DHu, the stereo DCHT, and the half-rack M2T.

Three different receiver diversity schemes can be employed depending on the needs of the application, including switched (during packet headers for seamless audio), Digital Ratio Diversity, or Digital Frequency Diversity. The DSQD includes digital talkback capability when used with any talkback-enabled transmitter.

A headphone jack is included on the DSQD for audio monitoring per channel. Ethernet and USB ports allow the receiver to connect to Wireless Designer software for programming and monitoring, and a serial port enables connection between receivers for data sharing and frequency coordination.

Antenna bias power can be engaged in the menu, and front panel LEDs show the status. Each DSQD ships with half the rack hardware needed to mount two units together, yielding 8 channels in 1RU.

The DBu belt pack and DHu handheld transmitters operate on two AA batteries and offer RF power selections at 25 and 50 mW. AES 256-CTR encryption is available for use in high level security applications. Studio quality audio performance is assured by high quality components in the preamp, wide range input gain adjustment and DSP-controlled analog limiting. Input gain is adjustable over a 45 dB range in 1 dB steps.

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The DBu beltpack unit features a removable antenna with SMA connector, and incorporates the standard Lectrosonics TA5 connector with servo-bias input for compatibility with a range of lavaliere mics, dynamic mics, and line level sources. The unit ships with a wire belt clip but is also compatible with an accessory clamp style belt clip if required. A multi-function switch on top of the transmitter can be configured as power on/off, mute, talkback, or bypassed altogether.

The DHu handheld transmitter is compatible with the Lectrosonics HHC cardioid condenser capsule and can also be used with a range of microphone capsule heads incorporating the standard 1.25” opening and 28 thread pitch. A programmable button on the outside of the housing can be configured as a push-to-talk, cough, or mute switch, a power switch, or be bypassed altogether.

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