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Lexicon MPX Reverb Plug Bows

Harman's Lexicon has introduced its MPX native reverb plug-in.

Salt Lake City, UT (November 1, 2011)—Harman’s Lexicon has introduced its MPX native reverb plug-in, which features seven different Lexicon reverb types and more than 100 studio presets, all accessible via an onscreen interface.

The reverb types offered include Small Plate, Large Plate, Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Chamber, Large Chamber and Room. The PC- and Macintosh-compatible MPX bundle is designed to work with DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic and Nuendo, as well as with any other VST-, Audio Unit- or RTAS-compatible host.

A color display is said to provide real-time visualization of the frequency spectrum, and a wide range of parameter adjustments are available, for fine-tuning and personalizing the reverbs, which can then be saved in a DAW-independent format and loaded into a different DAW. A Compare button reportedly allows comparison of presets and user-modified sounds.

Each reverb type can be run in mono, stereo or mono in/stereo out, and onscreen input and output meters are provided for level setting.