Line 6 Ships Spider V 240HC Amp Head


Calabasas, CA (March 24, 2017)—Guitar amplification innovators Line 6 has introduced what is reportedly the first amp head on the market with an integrated full-range speaker system, the Spider V 240HC, at $479 street.

The Spider V 240HC is built to use flexibly, in the studio or in live applications, as a stand-alone 50-watt practice amp or paired with the Spider 412 cabinet (sold separately at $299 street), providing a 240-watt full-range stereo half stack.

I/O includes USB (Type A and Type B ports), quarter-inch acoustic/electric TS, eighth-inch stereo aux input, G10T wireless receiver (transmitter not included), and two quarter-inch outputs (4 and 8 ohms), and dual XLR DI outputs.

Other features of the 240HC include over 200 built-in virtual amps, three-band EQ, effects—eight of which can be combined—and cabinet emulations. Further, the 240HC offers XLR direct outputs for live and creative recording applications, wireless-ready operation for Line 6’s Relay transmitters, built-in tuner, metronome, and more.

Line 6