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Lipinski Sound L-629 Series 500

Features include tape emulation, pre-compression and low-frequency distortion elimination systems.

Fast Facts


Lipinski Sound |
Lipinski is now shipping its L-629 Compressor, built for use in 500 Series rack units. Features include a tape emulation system, a pre-compression system, and a low-frequency distortion elimination system.

In a typical audio signals, low-frequency components have greater level than high-frequency components. Standard compression mode treats all frequencies equally, which makes the sound very “sharp.” By turning Tape Simulation on, compression for high-frequency components is increased by 3 dB.

When the signal level is set at its source, its amplitude could be set to 0.775 V or 1.55 V (chosen by a switch on the mainboard). The device can also control the input signal level automatically. To achieve this, a pre-compressing unit is used.

Its attack time is about 4 seconds, and release time can be set between 120 and 300 sec. This reportedly results in nearly constant signal level at the input of the main compressing unit. The signal level at the input of the device could be from 100 mV to 5 V (measured between signal line and ground).

In analog compressors when short release time is set, low-frequency input signals are considerably distorted. It occurs because the gain changes during a single period of the signal. The Lipinski patented circuit “eliminates this effect thoroughly.”