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Little Labs VOG Analog Bass Resonance Tool

Jonathan Little of Little Labs has been making quirky signal processors and preamplifiers since 1988.

Jonathan Little of Little Labs has been making quirky signal processors and preamplifiers since 1988. The Little Labs VOG (Voice Of God, $440) is a 500 series-compatible module that is, in effect, a bass resonance tool originally designed with voiceover work in mind. The idea was to combat the problems of lost vocal definition with microphone proximity effect. You often want to use proximity effect to broaden the lower midrange for a warmer, sexier feel, but this usually comes with additional muddiness.

The Little Labs VOG lets you focus in on the chestresonant frequency and bring it up without the additional clouding of the signal. This is achieved using a peaking high-pass filter with a very tight bandwidth that can center with frequencies between 40-300 Hz with a 24 dB per octave slope either side of it. The Little Labs VOG is fully balanced throughout with a single amplifier circuit for optimum signal quality.

On vocals, I was instantly taken with just how well it worked. This device is simplicity itself to operate and delivers broad low-mid resonance with wonderful clarity. It shone with female or thin-sounding vocals.

Experimenting with a number of kick drums, toms, bass guitars and synthetic bass sounds a real beefing up took place, but without the muddy clutter that so often accompanies such processing. Drums gained depth and clarity. Toms, in particular, could be manipulated in terms of pitch There was a limit to this, but it is an interesting and natural-sounding possibility to have available to you.

The Little Labs VOG is a very interesting device, indeed. I absolutely loved it. It is very refreshing to see a company taking a slightly different route with processing and focusing on areas that are of real benefit to us, the user. The Little Labs VOG is a unit you simply must take a listen to.

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