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Live Sound Speakers

Buyer’s Guide

Mackie Designs SA1232z Powered Speaker

Features: Three-way; 1100W RMS low-frequency, 100W RMS mid-frequency, and 100W RMS high-frequency amps; WaveFront high/mid horn system; 1.75” neodymium HF compression driver; 6” horn-loaded neodymium mid-frequency transducer; two 12” LF woofers; 136dB SPL @ 1kHz/1 meter; 39Hz to 20kHz.

Price: $2,059.

Contact: Mackie Designs at 800-258-6883,

Yamaha MSR250 Powered Speaker

Features: 200W; 10” LF driver; 1” titanium diaphragm compression driver; 55 Hz – 20 kHz; 3ch mixer with XLR, quarter-inch and RCA input; a two-band EQ and line-out; ferrofluid high frequency driver, ensuring natural frequency response and dependable performance quality under heavy use.

Price: $599.

Contact: Yamaha Pro Audio at 714-522-9011,

Adamson M15 Multi-Purpose Monitor

Features: Two-way; neodymium ND15-L multilayer Kevlar cone driver; 50 x 50-degree conical waveguide; 15” long-excursion woofer; symmetrical trapezoid cabinet design; 131.3dB max SPL with Xover Preset; accessories include MASS (Multi Angle Suspension System).

Price: POA

Contact: Adamson Pro Audio at 905-982-0520,

EAW/Rat Sound MicroWedge MW12 Stage Monitor

Features: Dave ‘Rat’ Levine design; 12” woofer with a 3” (diaphragm) HF compression horn driver with 90-degree horizontal dispersion; large front port; passive/active mode switch; dual input connectors; integral rigging hardware.

Price: TBA

Contact: EAW at 508-234-6158,

Martin Audio W8VDQ

Features: Three-way; passive or bi-amp operation; four 8” LF and MF drivers; four 1in HF horn-loaded drivers; the system achieves a maximum SPL of 131dB (continuous) max SPL, 137dB peak; vertical differential directivity (VDQ); short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120°, narrowing to 100° as throw increases.

Price: POA

Contact: Martin Audio at 519-747-5853,

JBL Professional VERTEC VT4889ADP

Features: Three-way; two 15” LF transducers, four 8” MF components; three 1.5” neodymium compression drivers with beryllium diaphragms; 143 dB SPL maximum output; V4 DSP preset data; optional networked DPCN (Cobranet-compatible); HiQnet compliance.

Price: POA

Contact: JBL Professional at 800-852-5776,

Yorkville Unity U15P Powered Speaker

Features: Three-way; 15” neodymium woofer; three 5” ceramic mid range drivers; 1” throat HF horn. Class A/B amplifier topographies; 900W program; integrated DSP; integrated fly points; 5/8 birch wood ply trapezoidal enclosure.

Price: $1,899 (Black Ozite finish), $2,099 (Black Ultrathane finish).

Contact: Yorkville at 716-297-3689,

Carvin TRX153B Loudspeaker

Features: Three-way; 15” woofer; 8” medium throw midrange driver; 3” voice coil; 60 X 40 horn; passive, internal crossover or tri-amp access via NL8 Speakon; recessed handles; metal corner protectors; metal grille; 13-ply Baltic Birch DuraTex-coated enclosure.

Price: $599.

Contact: Carvin at 800-854-2235,

Community Loudspeakers TLF218

Features: Dual 18” woofer high-efficiency subwoofer; 40 Hz – 125kHz; 800W RMS, 2000W PGM; 4 ohm; Active Air cooling; Balanced Cone Loading; Ergo-Grip handles; black Tuf-Coat finish; four-point seat track rigging; stacking feet/cups; optional caster kit.

Price: $2,583.

Contact: Community at 610-876-3400,

Peavey Versarray 112 Line Array

Features: Two-way; 12” Neo Black Widow woofers with dual 4” flat-wound voice coils; dual-ribbon driver; neodymium magnet with Ram Air Cooling; rigging hardware; 13-ply Baltic birch cabinet.

Price: $1,599.

Contact: Peavey Electronics at 866-443-2333,

Yamaha Installation Series Speakers

Features: Three, two-way systems and subs; rotatable horns; barrier strip and Neutrik connectors; Finnish Birch cabinets; foam-backed elements; 14-guage steel grilles; rigging points; YS3 software compatible.

Price: $1,249-$2,999.

Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,

L-Acoustics 12XT Coaxial Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 12-inch woofer; 55Hz – 20 kHz; switch for passive/active operation (active filtering by La4 amplified controller); wedge-shaped, bass-reflex tuned enclosure.

Price: $1,980.

Contact: L-Acoustics US at 805-604-0577,

D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A Line Array Element

Features: Three-way; twin 12” woofers with 4” voice coils; twin 10” mid range drivers with 3” voice coils; 4” diaphragm; 1.5” exit throat compression HF driver; Birch plywood cabinet; Isoflex coating; Class D amp; protections on each channel.

Price: $7,400.

Contact: D.A.S. Audio at 305-436-0521,

FBT Verve 15a Powered Speaker

Features: Two-way; 15” woofer; 80 X 50 horn; two-band EQ; 48 Hz – 20 kHz; 350W RMS Class G LF amp; 100W RMS Class G HF amp; ADAP protection circuitry; fly points; socket mount; Baltic Birch plywood cabinet with steel handles; Tour Grade black finish.

Price: POA.

Contact: FBT USA, Inc. at 800-333-9383,

Behringer Eurolive Professional B1800X PRO Subwoofer

Features: 18” woofer; 1,600W peak, 800W RMS; 40 – 300Hz; switchable crossover for optional passive or bi-amping operation; Neutrik Speakon connections.

Price: $439.

Contact: Behringer at 425-672-0816,

Nexo GEO S 12 Series

Features: Two-way; 12” woofer; 1.4” Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource HF driver; S 1210 and S 1230 with horn dispersion variances; compatible with Nexo GeoSoft2 controller software; crossbow flying assembly; metal grille; Baltic Birch ply trapezoid cabinet.

Price: $3,200.

Contact: Nexo/Yamaha CA at 714-522-9011,

Electro-Voice PX2122 Phoenix Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; dual 12” woofer; dual 2” HF compression drivers; 45 X 30 rotatable manifold horn; 1,200 W bi-amp only; integral handles; rigging points; black EVCOAT 13-ply cabinet.

Price: 2,290.

Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051,

QSC Audio HPR122i

Features: Two-way; 12” woofer; 3” voice coil and neodymium magnet; compression driver with 1.4” diaphragm with 75-degree conical horn; operable between 53Hz – 20kHz.

Price: $799.

Contact: QSC Audio at 800-854-4079,

Cerwin-Vega! Active CVA-121 Subwoofer

Features: 21” woofer with Stroker; 35 – 135Hz; built-in amplification; 1,200W continuous, 2,400W peak; onboard parametric EQ; master/slave outputs; aluminum grille and heat sink; hardwood enclosure available with casters and paint or carpet.

Price: $1,999.

Contact: Cerwin-Vega! at 818-534-1500,

Danley Sound Labs SH-DFA

Features: Two-way; 10” woofer; 1” HF driver; asymmetrical full-range horn; 13” tall; seamlessly integrated with SH-50; 80Hz – 18kHz; 500W continuous/1,000W program.

Price: $2,088 (passive), $3,340 (powered with built-in DSP).

Contact: Danley Sound Labs at 770-534-7620,

Turbosound NuQ-12DP

Features: Two-way; 12” low frequency driver; 1.4” HF compression driver on a rotatable 80 X 50 Converging Elliptical Waveguide; self-powered; networkable; Powercon, XLR, and RJ45 network connectors; metal grille; onboard rigging; pole mount/OmniMount compatible; birch plywood trapezoidal cabinet.

Price: $3,770.

Contact: Turbosound/Sennheiser at 860-434-9190,

EAW NT29 Compact Powered Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 12” (3” voice coil) neodymium magnet cone; 1.4” throat (3” voice coil) horn-loaded neodymium compression driver; self-powered; bi-amped; onboard DSP; Baltic Birch plywood enclosure.

Price: $4,991.

Contact: Eastern Acoustic Works at 508-234-6158,

WorxAudio Technologies TL118SST-P Sub Bass System

Features: 18” LF high-excursion transducer; under hung, 4” X 1.5” voice coil; neodymium magnet; self-powered, 1,000W; twin digital processors; XLR transformer with isolated I/O; PowerCon switchgear I/O; tuned 21-ply Baltic Birch enclosure; weather-resistant; catalyzed polyurethane finish.

Price: $5,350.

Contact: WorxAudio Technologies at 336-275-7474,

A-Line EMMA Solutions-1 High-Definition Line-Source System

Features: Two-way EMMA 806A module with 8 X 6.5” LF drivers; 8 X 6.5” HF ribbon drivers; EMMA S410A 4 X 10” subwoofer; 1,500W Bang & Olufsen ICEpower; onboard DSP; DuraTex-coated birch ply enclosures; transport system; all hardware.

Price: $8,799.

Contact: A-Line Acoustics at 716-524-4084,

SLS Loudspeakers PLS8695 Powered Line Array

Features: Two-way; eight 6.5” woofers; nine PRD500 ribbon HF drivers; onboard amplifier; NeverMar coating.

Price: $5,495.

Contact: SLS Loudspeakers at 417-883-4549,

Tannoy iQ 10/15

Features: Three-way; 15” woofer; 10” PowerDual concentric driver; biamp/triampable; birch plywood cabinet; steel grille; onboard mounting hardware.

Price: $5,865.

Contact: Tannoy North America at 519-745-1158,

Dynacord D-Lite 2000 System

Features: Subwoofer/satellite system; 15” powered subwoofer; two satellite speakers with 12” woofers; polypropylene cabinets; 1,000W Class D amplifiers; cables.

Price: $5,500.

Contact: Dynacord/Telex at 952-884-4051,

Meyer Sound M2D Compact Curvilinear Array

Features: Two-way; twin 10” low-frequency/mid drivers; 4” high-frequency driver; Ribbon Emulation Manifold; onboard 600W amplifier; QuickFly rigging system.

Price: $7,500.

Contact: Meyer Sound at 510-486-1166,

Bag End P-Quartz-R Subwoofer

Features: Four 18” INFRA cone woofers; two Minima One onboard 1,000W amplifiers.

Price: $5,750.

Contact: Bag End at 847-382-4550,

Alesis ProVenue 15

Features: Two-way; 15” woofer; 1” compression HF driver; pole mount socket; powder-coated metal grille; mounting hardware; polycarbonate cabinet.

Price: $399

Contact: Alesis at 401-658-5760,

Talos LK-2236L

Features: Three-way; two 12-inch LF neodymium drivers; one hornloaded 10” MF driver; two 1.5” exit HF compression drivers with 3” voice coils and wave-shape device; 48Hz – 17kHz; 120-degree dispersion; tri-ampable; flying points; integrated handles; metal grille.

Price: $2,120.

Contact: Talos at 703-764-7005,

McCauley FM850 Floor Monitor

Features: Two-way bi-ampable vented high pass enclosure; direct radiating 15” LF loudspeaker; horn loaded compression driver HF; 50Hz – 20kHZ; power handling: 1000W (low), 220W (high); max peak SPL: 134dB; 12-Ply birch construction; dual NL4 connectors.

Price: $3,750

Contact: McCauley Sound at 877-McCauley,