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Lynx E44 and E22 PCI Express Cards

Lynx Studio Technology has introduced their new line of PCI Express Cards, combining the connectivity of the Lynx AES16e PCI Express card with the audio quality of the Lynx Aurora converters. The first two offerings are the E44 and E22 cards.
The E44 ($1,095, pictured) offers four analog input and output channels and four AES/EBU channels, expanding on the I/O offered by the LynxTWO- A card. The E22 ($795) offers two analog input and output channels and two AES/EBU channels, essentially the equivalent of the L22 PCI Card. A new software mixer, similar to the one developed for the AES16e and Aurora Thunderbolt, will be available.
Built upon the LynxONE and LynxTWO cards, E44 and E22 performance eclipses that of Aurora converters, offers Lynx. The use of field-programmable-gate-arrays (FPGA) is another core technology pioneered for use in audio devices by Lynx.
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