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Mackie Debuts DRM Loudspeaker Series

Mackie aims for HOW, install and rental markets with new DRM line.

Woodinville, WA (January 10, 2019)—Mackie has announced a new flagship line of pro powered loudspeakers—the DRM Series—and it finds the company taking aim at everything from mobile DJs to installations and Houses of Worship.

Models include the 1600 W 12″ DRM212, 1600 W 15″ DRM215, 2300 W 15″ 3-Way DRM315, 2000 W 12″ DRM12A Array, and 2000 W 18″ DRM18S Subwoofer. All models are additionally available as passive boxes.

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All loudspeakers in the line are powered by Class-D amplifiers with system protection, as their universal power supplies (100-240 V) use Power Factor Correction technology that regulates incoming voltage.

All of the line likewise sports Mackie’s Advanced Impulse DSP module, composed of precision crossovers, transducer time-alignment, and FIR filters. The DRM Control Dashboard on each loudspeaker is a full-color display found on the back panel. The default screen offers important settings, levels and meters and can be controlled by an adjacent knob. Full-range models offer 3-band parametric EQ, venue specific voicing modes, alignment delay, user presets, and system lock. The subwoofer features a variable crossover, cardioid mode and more.

Inside braced plywood cabinets with M10 flypoints and dual angle pole mounts are custom woofers and titanium diaphragm compression drivers. Both the DRM212 and DRM215 feature angled cabinet designs to allow for use as floor monitors.

The powered series ships worldwide this month while the passive versions ship next month in February.

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