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Mackie Releases Master Fader v4.0 Control App

Now available, Mackie’s Master Fader v4.0 includes a bevy of new features.

New York, NY (December 15, 2015)—Now available, Mackie’s Master Fader v4.0—the control app for DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 digital mixers—includes a bevy of new features. These include a real time RTA, a built-in oscillator, the ability to copy and paste channels and mixes, a completely scalable UI including a new Split View in iOS 9, quick assign function for assigning channel ID; an overall tighter integration with iOS, reportedly improving importing and exporting for better use of iCloud Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox; and more.

Version 4.0 marks the full integration of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch support within a single app, doing away with the need for the separate My Fader app for personal monitor mixing. Master Fader now recognizes which device type being used and sets the features accordingly.

Also of note, Master Fader v4.0 users can now install, see and access all of their recordings direct from Master Fader. This will allow for direct playback from Master Fader for the auditioning of recordings, intermission music use, room tuning and more.

Master Fader v4.0 is available for immediate download from Apple’s App Store.