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Manley Labs Debuts Headphone Amplifier

Manley Labs has introduced its new Headphone Amplifier.

New York, NY (January 6, 2016)—Manley Labs has introduced its new Headphone Amplifier.

The unit features 12 independent controls and proprietary hand-wound, air-gapped, dual-mode Manley Iron output transformers built to drive headphone loads ranging from 12 to over 600 Ohms.

Its output stage can be switched on the fly between all-triode Push-Pull or Single-Ended topology. Other features include a Variable Feedback switch, ultra-high Precision Stepped Relay ladder matrix volume control, fully symmetrical operation to drive balanced headphones via its XLR outputs, and a direct preamp out to feed an external power amp or powered monitor.

It is available in three color schemes: champagne and white, titanium and bronze, or copper and black.

Manley Labs