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Manley Labs Debuts Limited Edition Dual Mono Mic Preamp

Highlighting the company’s 30th anniversary, Manley reinvents a classic.

Chino, CA (May 3, 2019)—Manley Laboratories has announced a special limited edition run of its classic Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifiers to celebrate the company’s 30 anniversary.

The lineage of the Manley Dual Mono Mic Preamp can be traced almost all the way back to the company’s start, when the Pro Audio division of the company was born. Manufacturing processes were different then, too, and the new anniversary preamps will reflect that, according to president EveAnna Manley.

A Joy-ful Reunion 30 Years On

“There are a tremendous number of American labor-hours required to hand-wire each Dual Mono Microphone preamplifier,” she said, “but because we are in the audio business—always listening—we have decided to celebrate our 30 Years of Manley pro audio production with a run of these classic cornerstone products.”

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The limited edition units, sporting special blue and black cosmetics, are available now, with an MSRP of $3,300 USD.

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