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May the Force Beta Be with You

Akai rolls out new Force features via beta testing.

Cumberland, RI (August 6, 2019)—Akai Professional is assembling a beta testing team for new, expanded features in its Force music production and DJ performance system, which will offer integration with Arranger and Ableton Live Control.

Force Beta testers will have access to a forum that provides a private community feedback resource and direct line of communication to the development team at Akai Professional. To be eligible, users are asked to sign an NDA, join the forum by creating a user profile and downloading the Beta build to a qualified computer system. Force Beta is closed to the general public.

Akai Professional will also offer an MPC Beta program for Ableton Live Control integration. Those applying for that program will be notified once it is opened.

Ableton Control integration will enable Force users to pair the platform’s plug-in instruments Hype and Tube Synth, sound processing FX and sample manipulation algorithms with Ableton and its VST plug-ins.

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The Arranger feature reportedly enables users to build complete compositions in more structured, long-form manner. According to Akai Pro, this new development makes Force a performance and composition tool with independence to create a full song composition followed by standalone mixing and mastering.

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