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McDSP LouderLogic Advanced Audio Player for iPod/iPhone/iPad

McDSP has announced LouderLogic, “the Advanced Audio Player iPhone and iPad Application.” LouderLogic is designed to enhance music, audiobooks, and podcasts “with perfect volume balance at maximum fidelity,” offers McDSP.

LouderLogic offers McDSP’s own Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology, “eliminating unwanted volume fluctuations between songs and helping listeners hear the quiet parts of their music, books, and podcasts, even in noisy environments. It’s “great for listening in the car, train, or airplane, and for keeping all your music at just the right volume,” McDSP promotional material explains. 

LouderLogic features include automatically minimization of volume variations in existing audio library using ALX technology; an intuitive interface for browsing by playlist, album, artist, etc.; two ALX modes for music and audiobooks/podcasts, with automatic mode switching; real-time ALX metering; and multitasking support for playing audio in the background.

Price: $1.99 introductory price (until November 8, 2011)