Meris Mercury7 Reverb for 500 Series

Mercury7's handcrafted algorithms—Ultraplate and Cathedra—provide wide soundscapes
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Los Angeles, CA (January 12, 2016)—Boutique pro audio manufacturer Meris has unveiled its latest, the Mercury7, a stereo and surrpound-linkable reverb module for the 500 Series hardware format. Two handcrafted algorithms—Ultraplate and Cathedra—provide a range of soundscapes “from dark and foreboding to ethereal and angelic,” according to the company.

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Features include analog mix and dry signal paths, intra-tank pitch regeneration, high- and low-frequency damping, variable auto-swell envelope, and 24-bit AD/DA conversion with 32-bit floating point DSP.

All Meris gear is designed and built in Los Angeles and is available for purchase via Vintage King in the US or direct from the company.