Mojave MA101fet Condenser Mic

Mojave Audio has premiered its MA-101fet condenser microphone.
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Mojave Audio has premiered its MA-101fet condenser microphone, targeted for recording acoustic instruments such as guitar, piano and wind instruments, as well percussion and drum overheads. With a lot of headroom, the mic can also be used for miking loud instruments such as guitar amps, snare drums, toms, and sound effects such as gunshots, dragsters and explosions.
The MA-101fet features both omni and cardioid polar patterns by way of interchangeable capsules and with its 3-micron thick, .8-inch-diameter, gold-sputtered diaphragm; a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz +/ - 3 dB; a sensitivity rating of -40 dB (1 volt per pascal), with a distortion rating of less than 1 percent @ 120 dB SPL (-15 dB pad off) and less than 1 percent @ 135 dB SPL (-15 dB pad on). The microphone operates on standard 48 V phantom power.
Price: $595 street
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