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At NAMM: Radial Debuts KL-8 Mix Station, SW8-USB Auto Switcher

New Rackmount Keyboard Mixer Leads Radial Showcase

Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2018)—Radial Engineering is at NAMM 2018 featuring the KL-8 rackmount keyboard mixing station and SW8-USB Auto Switcher.

The KL-8 rackmount keyboard mixing station is designed to provide complete control over a professional keyboard setup, both on stage and in the studio. Users can connect up to four analog keyboards in mono or stereo, each with an individual level control to adjust the balance between them.

An aux send/receive is also available to feed effects pedals or rackmount reverbs and delays, or it can be used as an additional stereo input for a fifth keyboard. MIDI and USB connections allow control of a laptop soft-synth, utilizing the KL-8’s 24 bit/192 kHz digital audio converters. Dual USB connections provide the ability to employ redundant laptop systems.

The SW8-USB Auto Switcher eliminates the need to have digital audio interfaces accompany each computer.

Radial Ships Studio-Q Talk-Back/Cue System

Dual USB inputs with separate 24 bit/192 kHz 8 digital to analog converter cards allow two computers to be connected in tandem. Both computers will see the SW8-USB as an available audio and MIDI interface, allowing for connection of both digital workstations.

MTC can be passed between both computers, providing start/stop synchronization between them. Eight channels of transformer-isolated XLR and 1/4-inch outputs are included, with the ability to switch between mic-level and +4 dBu line level.

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