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Neumann KMR 81 D Digital Shotgun Microphone

Neumann has introduced its new KMR 81 D digital shotgun microphone, designed to deliver audio quality that complements the detailed visuals of HD and widescreen formats. The KMR 81 D is equipped with the features of its non-digital counterpart, the KMR 81i; its digital advantages include an extended dynamic range, integrated peak limiters that prevent clipping, and more. The settings for all functions can be recalled, set and stored in the microphone by using one of Neumann’s digital microphone interfaces. 
Other characteristics include low self-generated noise (9 dB-A) and high dynamic range (114dB); high SPL handling (123dB SPL/141 dB SPL with 18 dB pre-attenuation (RCS); and integrated peak limiter/compressor/de-esser; light weight (3.2 oz.). 

Price: $2,298

Contact: Neumann USA |