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Neumann KMS 104 D and KMS 105 D Digital Condensor Vocal Microphones

Building on the successful template of their KMS 104 and KMS 105 condensor vocal microphones, Neumann introduces their digital counterparts: the KMS 104 D and KMS 105 D. Equipped with the core features of the existing models, the cardioid KMS 104 D and super-cardioid KMS 105 D offer additional digital advantages — for example, extended dynamic range and integrated peak limiters that prevent clipping. When used alongside either the DMI-2 or DMI-2 portable digital microphone interfaces and the Remote Control Software (RCS), pre-programmed settings can be stored inside the microphones, making it flexible and adaptable to different performance applications. 

Other features include low self-generated noise (16 dB-A); high dynamic range (125 dB); high SPL handling (141 dB SPL/159 dB SPL with 18 dB pre-attenuation/RCS); high pass filter (-3 dB @ 80 Hz); and its integrated peak limiter/compressor/de-esser prevents overloads and/or clipping. 

Price: $1,398 each

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