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Neutrik Bows Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools

Neutrik USA has introduced its Fiber Optic Cleaning Accessories for opticalCON ADVANCED cable connectors.

Charlotte, NC (May 22, 2017)—Neutrik USA has introduced new cleaning and inspection accessory tools for its opticalCON Advanced cable connectors.

Designed to help users clean fiber optic ferrules without damage, the new fiber optic cleaning accessories work with specific cable connectors. The tools eliminate the need to remove the opticalCON Advanced cable connector front housing in order to access the fiber optic ferrules, simplifying cleaning and inspection. By leaving the connector’s front housing in place, the risk of accidental damage to the fiber is lessened.

Depending on the opticalCON Advanced cable connector, the user simply pushes the appropriate cleaning tool onto the front face of the connector, which in turn makes the tool latch in place and hold the shutter open. The tool includes holes that are properly sized and positioned for inserting conventional third-party cleaning tools and inspection probes.

Peter Milbery, president of Neutrik USA, Inc., noted, “I’m confident they will quickly become an invaluable accessory for technicians and others who routinely use fiber optic cables.”

Neutrik USA