New Hosa Cables Tout Neutrik powerCON

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New York, NY (January 15, 2016)—Hosa Technology, Inc. has introduced two new series of power cords featuring Neutrik powerCON connectors.

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The PWN-200 Series Power Cords are designed to carry power from a normal wall outlet to a powerCON-equipped device. For those using power distribution boxes equipped with powerCON outputs, PCN-200 Series Power Cords feature powerCON connectors at both ends and are also intended for daisy-chaining multiple devices. Featuring 12 AWG, Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors, PCN-200 and PWN-200 Series Power Cords provide increased current flow to ensure devices receive the necessary amount of power for appropriate operation.

PCN-200 Series Power Cords have a maximum operating voltage of 250 volts while the PWN-200 Series is rated up to 125 volts. Both, PCN-200 and PWN-200 series are listed to applicable UL standards and requirements.

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