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New Product: Mackie SRM450 and SRM350 High-Definition Portable Powered Loudspeakers

With a new 1000W amp platform, the redesigned SRM450 ($629) and SRM350 ($519) two-way powered live loudspeakers offer two simple-to-use, built-in DSP-based tools: first, four application-specific speaker modes, each re-voicing the SRM to sound best per application, and second, an intelligent feedback destroyer, which instantly identifies and eliminates feedback using up to four narrow 1/16th octave filters.
Mackie’s proven HD Audio Processing—making their top-shelf HD Series so good, as proven in full PAR review—is a combination of patented acoustic correction DSP with a precision crossover, driver time alignment and phase correction.
Finally, the SRM450 and SRM350 now feature a handy integrated two-channel mixer with input-friendly Wide-Z inputs—instrument, line or mic-ready, and ideal for singer/songwriters relying on instrument and voice for live performances. Mounting and handling features have been updated as well.

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