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Accusonus Launches ERA 5 Audio Repair Bundles

Accusonus’ new ERA 5 bundles bring together a selection of new and updated audio repair plug-ins.

Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Repair Bundle
Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Repair Bundle

Massachusetts (September 29, 2020)—Accusonus has launched two versions of its new ERA 5 bundle, its collection of audio repair tools. Both the Standard and Pro editions feature updated plug-ins as well as several new tools that address low-quality audio. Intended for use on podcasts, music production, post, voice-overs and more, the bundles are aimed at users of all levels from pros to new content creators.

The ERA 5 Standard bundle offers three new plug-ins—Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener and Audio Cleanup Assistant—and updated versions of Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, De-Clipper, De-Esser and Plosive Remover.

According to Accusonus, Voice AutoEQ can be used to automate the audio equalization process, aiding in fixing muddy recordings or making a voice track stand out in a mix. Meanwhile, Voice Deepener aims to add warmth and depth to voice recordings, while Audio Clean-Up Assistant can host and add preset chains of the ERA single-dial plug-ins. Additionally, existing ERA plug-ins have reportedly been improved and are said to be able to handle more complex audio repair cases than prior editions.

Accusonus Debuts ERA Audio Repair Plug-In Bundles

The ERA 5 Pro Bundle includes everything in the Standard Bundle, but adds four advanced plug-ins for multi-band processing. They include three new plugs—Noise Remover PRO, Reverb Remover PRO and Room Tone Match—and an updated De-Esser PRO.

The new Noise Remover Pro and Reverb Remover Pro offer more in-depth spectral controls to provide tailored processing on key frequency ranges. Running as an AudioSuite plug-in in Pro Tools, the brand-new Room Tone Match identifies the background ambience under speech and helps users “stitch” and even out different ambience beds.

Pricing on perpetual licenses and subscriptions can be found on the Accusonus site.

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