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Allen & Heath Adds to Expanders’ Dante I/O Capabilities

With the release of Allen & Heath’s DT Preamp Control app, the company’s Dante I/O Expanders can be used in any Dante audio network.

Allen & Heath's DT164-W and DT168 I/O shown with laptop running the new DT Preamp Control App.
Allen & Heath’s DT164-W and DT168 I/O shown with laptop running the new DT Preamp Control App.

New York, NY (March 8, 2021)—Allen & Heath’s new DT Preamp Control app now allows the company’s Dante I/O expanders to be used within any Dante audio network, not just ones involving Allen & Heath mixing systems.

The free application, compatible with Windows and macOS, allows control of multiple DT168 and DT164-W expanders connected to Dante-equipped third-party digital mixers and sound management systems, allowing their use in a variety of systems in live, broadcast, install and studio applications.

Worshiping Together While Apart

The portable DT168 with carry handle and the wall-mount DT164-W are intended for use in distributed networks where high-channel-count Dante or AES67 I/O is required. The IEC armored cable or DC power options for the DT164-W also allow it to be used for in-wall mounting and stage pockets in permanent installations.

“Since the launch of these products, we have received numerous requests for extending their use beyond Allen & Heath mixing systems,” says Martijn Verkerk, technical marketing manager at Allen & Heath. “Houses of worship, university campuses, and arenas have all showed an interest in deploying our Dante solutions alongside their existing audio system, and DT Preamp Control enables that.”

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