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Antelope Audio Launches Axino Modeling Microphone

Antelope Audio has announced the release of its new Axino Synergy Core, a USB cardioid condenser modelling microphone/interface.

Axino Synergy Core
Axino Synergy Core

Santa Monica, CA (May 3, 2021)—Antelope Audio has announced Axino Synergy Core, a USB cardioid condenser modelling microphone/interface, based around the company’s microphone Modeling Engine, proprietary Synergy Core effects platform, and 24-bit/192 kHz AD/DA conversion.

The Axino Synergy Core mic offers a large, gold-spluttered diaphragm with a cardioid pickup pattern, and a built-in preamp derived from the company’s audio interfaces and integrated circuit preamps. The kit also includes a USB cable, shock-mount and stand.

Axino Synergy Core’s Modeling Engine offers uses 18 mic emulations, ranging from dynamic designs to rare tube and FET large- diaphragm condenser classics. Users can choose options with names that belie their ‘inspirations,’ such as Berlin 47 FT, Berlin 47 TU, Berlin 49T, Berlin 57, Berlin 67, Berlin 87, Berlin K86, Berlin M103, Berlin M251, Berlin V563, Hamburg 441, Illinois 7B, Illinois 57, Minnesota 20, Tokyo 800T, Vienna 12, Vienna 112, and Vienna 414.

Emulations can be used in real-time while recording/monitoring, or later when mixing in a DAW in order to provide flexibility after the fact. Physical controls on the mic itself include volume and headphone volume controls as well as a -10dB pad switch and a high-pass filter switch.

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The Axino Synergy Core comes with various Synergy Core effects: AURAVERB (reverb); BAE-1073 (three-band EQ with high-pass filter); BAE-1073MP (mic/line preamp); FET-A76 (FET compressor/ limiting amplifier); GYRAF GYRATEC IX (dual-tube mic preamp with high-pass filter); MASTER DE-ESSER (de-esser); OPTO 2A (tube optical compressor/limiter), POWEREX (expander); POWERGATE (noise gate); and VEQ-55A (three-band EQ with high-pass and low-pass filters).

Processing with the Synergy Core effects library during post-production and live streaming is also possible, by making use of the two stereo playback channels with effects strips and the included loopback functionality.

The mic comes with custom-built audio drivers for macOS and Windows, and is expected to ship in Q2 2021 at a projected price of $399.00 USD

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