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Arista E-Vocal ARS-1616S Series Stage Interfaces Launched

Arista Corporation has launched its new E-Vocal series stage boxes with two versions of a Dante-connected rackmount interface.

Arista E-Vocal ARS-1616S Series Stage Interfaces
Arista E-Vocal ARS-1616S Series Stage Interfaces

Fremont, CA (June 23, 2020) — Arista Corporation has unveiled its new E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 and ARS-1616S-A10 multiple channel analog input and analog output Dante-equipped stage boxes.

The 3U-rackmount standalone units can be used for connecting as many as 16 analog microphones and other audio sources and then feeding a mixing console via Dante using an Ethernet cable, helping streamline stage setups for live performers.

The ARS-1616S Series Stage boxes are available in two versions: the ARS-1616S-A10 incorporates -8 dB to 34 dB preamp gain control with Phantom Power while the ARS-1616S-A00 does not and would require a separate preamp.

In addition to their ability to convert 16 analog audio sources to a Dante stream, the ARS-1616S Stage boxes can also convert a Dante stream into 16 channels of analog output signals—in other words, the units are designed to transfer 16 audio channels over a Dante network in both directions.

Equally notable, two etherCON connectors (Dante Primary/Secondary) are available for redundant operation when using two separate networks. Dual AC input and dual PoE power sources are available for redundant operation.

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The Arista E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 and ARS-1616S-A10 Stage boxes support up to 96 kHz sampling rates and 24-bit resolution. The ARS-1616S-A10 also incorporates a mute function for the 16 inputs while the ARS-1616S-A00 does not.

Parameters such as sampling frequency, channel routing, or latency settings can be made via the free ‘Dante Controller’ computer application. This application is an integrated web-based controller for monitoring the unit’s operational status via a common web browser.

Paul Shu, Arista’s president of Sales and Marketing, commented on the new E-Vocal ARS-1616S Series Stage interfaces, “Both ARS-1616S Stage interfaces are compact and rugged units that make converting as many as 16 analog audio channels to or from a Dante stream as easy as can be. And for feeding those analog inputs to a digital mixing console, things couldn’t be easier. Simply make the necessary analog connections directly on stage and then run a single Ethernet cable upwards of 320 feet to the audio console.”

Arista’s E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 ($1399 USD) and ARS-1616S-A10 ($1999 USD)

stage boxes are expected to ship in Q3, 2020.

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