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Audix Unveils TM2 Acoustic Coupler for In-Ear Monitors

Audix has introduced its TM2, an integrated acoustic coupler for in-ear monitors, designed to help live engineers test IEMs for performers.

Audix TM2 Acoustic Coupler
Audix TM2 Acoustic Coupler

Wilsonville, OR (November 23, 2020)—Audix has introduced its new TM2, an integrated acoustic coupler for in-ear monitors (IEMs), designed to help live sound and studio engineers test IEM performance for performers.

Ear simulator “couplers” are measurement devices typically used by manufacturers of IEMs for capturing key metrics during research & development, final production and quality control of IEMs. Featuring precision-machined brass and aluminum components, the TM2 includes adapters to fit a range of IEMs, including custom molds.

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Monitor engineers are often faced with questions from performers regarding the functionality of their IEMs with no reliably consistent method to test them in their environment. With the TM2 and readily available measurement software such as Rational Acoustic’s SMAART or Studio Six Digital’s Audio Tools, a monitor engineer can easily confirm the functionality of each performer’s IEMs before a show. As another example, it’s also appropriate for house of worship applications, where the TM2 can be used to check the performance of the IEMs of every member of the praise team on a regular basis.

With its included adaptors, the TM2 can fit any size of in-ear monitor. It can also be connected to an acoustic calibrator for greater measurement precision. The unit comes in a durable, compact chassis, as well as a calibration file and a three-year warranty.

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