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Bettermaker Launches Limited-Edition Darthlimiter

The new Darthlimiter update of Bettermaker’s Mastering Limiter adds new features and, yes, is decidedly dark.

Bettermaker Mastering Darthlimiter
Bettermaker Mastering Darthlimiter

Las Vegas, NV (November 4, 2020)—Bettermaker is marking the sale of 1,000 Bettermaker Mastering Limiter units with the introduction of the “very-limited-edition” Darthlimiter. Only 200 will be produced.

The new Darthlimiter updates the original Mastering Limiter with the addition of a new capacitive touchscreen with improved contrast and viewing angle; a Burr-Brown™ OPA1656 op-amp for lower noise and extended dynamic range; and, as might be expected from its name, an all-black front panel with a black frame and black knobs.

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Both the Darthlimiter and Mastering Limiter include frequency-dependent saturation with separate odd- and even-harmonic components and fully-adjustable clip and limiting settings. In addition to digital recall and automation, the front panel offers an array of metering, including all varieties of ‘analog’ meters (VU, PPM, RMS, Peak), LUFS, K-metering, FFT, Goniometer, correlation and more.

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