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Beyerdynamic Debuts New TG Series Mics

The TG Series gets updated with the addition of the new second-generation TG D70 kick drum and TG 151 instrument mics.

Beyerdynamic's new TG D70 kick drum mic (left) and TG 151 instrument mic (right).
Beyerdynamic’s new TG D70 kick drum mic (left) and TG 151 instrument mic (right).

New York, NY (September 28, 2020)—beyerdynamic has launched two new microphones, updating its long-running Touring Gear (TG) series with the introduction of a new dynamic kick-drum microphone‚ the TG D70, and an instrument microphone, the TG 151.

Manufactured at the company’s factory in Heilbronn, Germany, both TG Series microphones have a die-cast zinc housing and compact design, and are intended for use in both the studio and on stage.

The second generation of the TG D70 large diaphragm microphone was designed to record the kick drum in action, so it’s designed to be small and fit right into every hole on a typical kick drum as a result. The microphone can also be set up on a cajon or bass guitar amplifiers to optimally record the instruments’ sound.

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An update of beyerdynamic’s M88 capsule can be found inside the new D70, kept isolated via an elastic suspension, a feature that aims to keep impacts from the floor from being transmitted through the stand. The hypercardioid features of the TG D70 are intended to provide isolation from ambient noises and prevent acoustic feedback, suppressing rear sound and capturing minimal side sound.

Meanwhile, the TG 151 can be used on a variety of instruments, from snares and toms to brass instruments and guitar amplifiers. A lean microphone with a short shaft is a snap to attach to the stand or a snare drum with the help of beyerdynamic’s highly popular microphone holder MKV 87. The microphone enhances the tool box used by producers and sound engineers while making their lives much easier.

The TG D70 ($249) and the TG 151 ($129) are available now.

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