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Blackmagic Design Expands Fairlight Line

Blackmagic Design has expanded the Fairlight line with the launch of a new 12-fader Fairlight Desktop Console with integrated HDMI interface.

Fairlight Desktop Console
Fairlight Desktop Console

Fremont, CA (November 11, 2020)—Blackmagic Design has launched a new 12-fader Fairlight Desktop Console with integrated HDMI interface.

The Fairlight Desktop Console, available in December, is intended for new users, smaller studios, commercials, online and independent work, according to the manufacturer. It features a familiar mixer design with 12 motorized faders, control knobs and illuminated buttons for channel identification. The built-in HDMI output lets customers connect a display, giving them the same interactive graphical feedback of audio status and metering as larger Fairlight consoles.

The surface includes transport buttons and a jog shuttle wheel, enabling users to move around the timeline and navigate clips, scrub, start or stop playback, or jump to a new position. The controls are logically grouped, says the company, allowing the user to keep a hand in one position to quickly navigate the timeline from end to end or anywhere in between. The search dial can also be used for timeline zooming, clip levels and more.

Blackmagic Update Offers Audio Enhancements

By default, the console works in Strip Mode, giving customers one channel strip per track. Focus Mode lets customers assign all of the select buttons and knobs on the console to work on the parameters or plug-ins for a single track.

Customers can add an HDMI display to see an extensive graphical display of everything happening on the console without having to open pop-up windows on top of their timeline. For example, when customers adjust EQ settings, its interface will be displayed on the screen as customers turn the knob.

Fairlight HDMI monitor interface
Fairlight HDMI monitor interface

Blackmagic Design also announced a new Fairlight HDMI monitor interface that lets customers use any HDMI or SDI television or computer monitor with the large Fairlight Studio Consoles.

“Fairlight LCD monitors have a graphics processing engine built-in,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design’s CEO, “so it means you cannot simply swap out the monitor with a custom monitor. However, now we have taken the graphics processor and packaged it into a low-cost converter that customers can use with any display.”

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