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CAD Audio Unveils GXL1800SP Studio Pack

As demand for content creation mics skyrockets, CAD Audio unveils its GXL1800SP Studio Pack to get emerging users recording.

CAD Audio GXL1800SP Studio Pack
CAD Audio GXL1800SP Studio Pack

Cleveland, OH (December 18, 2020)—With home recording, podcasting and other forms of content creation taking off, CAD Audio has answered that demand with the introduction of its new GXL1800SP Studio Pack.

The GXL1800SP Studio Pack contains both the GXL1800 and GXL800 microphones and a variety of accessories to help users recording quickly.

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The GXL1800 large format side address microphone captures a performance with high sensitivity, allowing for distance miking techniques and, combined with a well behaved cardioid polar pattern, helps to eliminate off axis environmental noise. Meanwhile, the GXL800 small diaphragm condenser delivers speedy transient response for capturing voice or instrument.

The Studio Pack includes a studio grade shock mount, mic clip, a pair of XLR cables and foam windscreen.

The GXL1800SP Studio Pack is available with a street price of $69.

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