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Celestion Debuts AN2075 Compact Array Driver

Celestion's new AN2075 is a 2-inch compact array driver intended for use for large-scale mini-array applications.

Celestion AN2075 Compact Array Driver
Celestion AN2075 Compact Array Driver

Ipswich, UK (March 26, 2021)—Celestion has unveiled a new 32-ohm version of the AN2075, a low-profile 2-inch compact array driver intended for use for large-scale mini-array applications that require multiple drivers connected together.

The new 32ohm AN2075 driver, in common with the rest of the Celestion AN range of neodymium loudspeakers, utilizes an efficient neodymium magnet assembly and features a stiff, light aluminum cone that remains rigid to higher frequencies aiming to deliver a smoother response.

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All the drivers in the AN Series have been built using a glass-reinforced ABS chassis, designed for maximum free air movement, with a square mounting frame to facilitate close coupling of multiple units. Each of the series’ drivers has also been optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to give a wide dispersion characteristic.

The driver’s square mounting frame facilitates close coupling of multiple units, and its half roll elastomer surround provides damping for unwanted resonances and sustained centering control at extremes of excursion. The driver is also weather resistant for outdoor applications.

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