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CEntrance Debuts PortCaster Recording Tool

CEntrance has introduced the PortCaster, a portable digital broadcasting interface for recording podcasts and livestreams.

CEntrance PortCasterChicago, IL (September 1, 2020)—CEntrance has introduced the PortCaster, a portable digital broadcasting interface for recording podcasts and livestreams to social media platforms, and will be available in three different models.

The handheld device is intended to help podcasters and radio program hosts add music, effects, and either a local or a remote call-in guest to a “talk radio”-style show. The unit includes a Mix-Minus feature to prevent audio feedback for the caller. Remote guests can be on a cell phone or VOIP.

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All PortCaster models can record a remote interview using any cell phone or tablet. The optional 24-bit/48 kHz stereo SD-card recorder offers “One-Button Record” and captures the program locally while simultaneously streaming online. An optional internal, rechargeable battery charges from any USB jack. A pair of built-in boutique mic preamps allow use of up to two microphones or one mic plus a remote guest over the phone.

The updated Jasmine mic preamps feature 48 V Phantom and 65 dB of clean gain. On-board soft-knee, analog, optical limiters for both Host and the Guest can be applied. The stereo Aux 3/4 input allows users to add background music or sound effects from another device.

The unit also includes a Mono Blend control to aid streaming to mono platforms such as Instagram. Designed with live broadcasting in mind, the unit’s tactile analog controls are laid out to be accessed without looking.

PortCaster is compatible with Zoom, Webex, and other audio/video conferencing applications. Likewise, it works with most smartphones and tablets running Android and Apple iOS, as well as MacOS and Windows-based computers.

PortCaster will be available for pre-order in three models soon, starting at $199.99 USD.

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