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Countryman Phantom Power Supply to Debut at NAMM

The new Countryman phantom power supply is intended for use in both studio and live sound settings.

Anaheim, CA (January 10, 2020)—Countryman Associates will introduce its new portable Countryman Phantom Power Supply during Winter NAMM 2020 next week.

The Phantom Power Supply is designed with the intention of providing ultra-low noise for clean audio, as well as flexible power options and selectable voltage settings. It can operate on a single 9 V battery, two 9 V batteries for extended life, or a 9 V wall adapter.  Selectable 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V voltage output settings allow the Countryman Phantom Power Supply to extend battery life for microphones that don’t require 48 V power.

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The Phantom Power Supply is intended for use on the road as well as in the studio, and accordingly features a compact form factor consisting of a die cast aluminum body and low-profile switches, chosen with an eye towards durability.

Chris Countryman, president of Countryman Associates, noted, “Condenser microphones need rock solid power for maximum performance, particularly for low noise and high overload. Many mixers and audio inputs provide no phantom power, questionable power, or only provide it in switchable banks. We developed our Phantom Power Supply to deliver the cleanest power and the most options in the smallest possible size. We also built it unreasonably tough, because we wouldn’t make gear any other way.”

The Countryman Phantom Power Supply is expected to be available Q1, 2020.

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