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Daking Comp II Compressor Debuts

The new Daking Comp II compressor has been purpose-built for use on a range of musical inputs using a minimum of parameters.

Las Vegas, NV (July 1, 2020)—Geoff Daking’s new Comp II compressor has been released by distributor TransAudio Group. Purpose-built for use on a range of musical inputs using a minimum of parameters, the compressor offers dual mono or stereo linked operation and is intended to be essentially plug-and-play.

Designed by Geoff Daking and Dave Thibodeau, the unit relies on a VCA that acts like a FET to impart Daking’s signature sound on a source. The circuitry itself is set up to work without a lot of oversight from the engineer; each channel’s parameters include an overall continuously-adjustable threshold and a continuously-adjustable makeup gain. Beyond that, the parameters are simply switches for attack (fast or slow), ratio (compression or limiting), release (fast or auto), and operation (stereo or dual mono).

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Unique among VCA compressor designs, the Daking Comp II uses feedback gain reduction, a peak detector and an all-discrete, Class-A follower. Inputs and outputs are balanced, and its flat frequency response extends out to 65 kHz for high-resolution recording.

The Comp II is built in the USA using analog hardware, and TransAudio Group has Daking Comp II stock available and ready to ship, with a U.S. MSRP to $1,399.

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