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Danley Studio Sub 2 Expands Studio Monitor Line

Adding on to its emerging line of studio monitors, Danley Sound Labs has introduced the Studio Sub 2.

Danley Sound Labs Studio Sub 2
Danley Sound Labs Studio Sub 2

New York, NY (June 19, 2020)—Danley is introducing the Studio Sub 2, the second addition to its studio monitor line. Compact and self-powered, the Danley Studio Sub 2 is said to deliver the same clarity and impact to all genres of recording situations as earlier iterations of Danley product in the installation and live sound markets.

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Designed by Tom Danley, it is a stand-alone box that eliminates need for an external subwoofer. It incorporates onboard processing as well as passive synergy crossover technology.

With 112 dB SPL continuous and 122 dB SPL Peak, the 65-lbs. studio monitor is intended for use in any studio environment having analog, digital-balanced XLR inputs and RCA inputs. The driver complement includes 1 x 10-inch long excursion woofer and 1 x 6.5 co-ax mid/high.

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