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Dynacord Sonicue 1.1 Software Debuts

Dynacord Sonicue sound system software gets a major update with newly added support for L and C Series amps, an expanded DSP structure and more.

Straubing, Germany (December 4, 2019) — Dynacord Sonicue sound system software has been updated with a new edition—V1.1—that the manufacturer says makes it more suitable for smaller systems and day-to-day applications.

The new version adds support for Dynacord L and C series amplifiers, and also updates its Electro-Voice loudspeaker settings library to include almost all current commercial, portable, install and concert sound models.

Addressing the entire sound system, Sonicue’s interactive design aims to provide a comprehensive system overview to help users set up, tune and operate sound systems.

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Sonicue 1.1 includes a firmware 2.0 upgrade for Dynacord L and C series power amplifiers. Engineered to provide sound reinforcement for live music (L series) and permanent installation (C series), both series offer onboard DSP, advanced FIR-Drive and pro-level audio performance. The firmware upgrade expands the L and C series DSP structure to give users the same level of input or user processing as found in Dynacord’s tour-grade IPX and TGX amplifiers, with which L and C series models may now be combined.

Meanwhile, the user DSP block has been doubled to offer 10 bands of parametric equalization (PEQ). Enhanced array processing features include five additional bands of PEQs and dedicated array delay. This enables L and C series amplifiers to be used for more complex setups requiring more options for system tuning and more flexibility when working (for example) with subwoofer arrays.

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The expanded loudspeaker database allows users to utilize Sonicue software for a larger range of applications. The software now features presets for almost all loudspeaker models from Electro-Voice, including the ZLX, ELX200, EKX and ETX portable series, and the EVID commercial family.

The software is available as a free download from the Dynacord website.

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