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Electro-Voice Brings on the RE20-BLACK

Electro-Voice’s classic broadcast microphone gets a new look with the RE20-BLACK.


Burnsville, MN (December 6, 2020)—Electro-Voice has introduced the RE20-BLACK, making available for the first time a new color option for the long-running RE20 broadcast microphone.

The designation BLACK is exactly that, as the new version sports a low-reflection dark charcoal finish. The RE20-BLACK offers customers an aesthetic alternative to the original’s finish, while being acoustically, electrically and mechanically identical to the original RE20, introduced more than 50 years ago and steadily adopted since by recording studios, broadcasters and podcasters everywhere.

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The RE20 BLACK still offers the original’s Variable-D design, which is said to minimize proximity effect, helping users work around the mic at varying distances. Additional features include a mid-bass tone-shaping switch, an integrated pop filter and a humbucking coil to guard against line hum.

The RE20-BLACK is shipping and has a street price of $449 US.

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