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Eminence Digital Debuts Impulse Response Library

Eminence gets into the IR game with Eminence Digital Impulse Response profiles of some of its most prominent guitar speakers.

Eminence gets into the IR game with a variety of Impulse Response profiles, creating digital versions of some of its most prominent guitar speakers.

Eminence, KY (September 16, 2020)—Eminence Speakers has introduced Eminence Digital, its Impulse Response (IR) library. Developed in conjunction with amplifier profiler and guitarist, Michael Britt, the library provides users and recordists with digital versions of some of the company’s most prominent guitar speakers.

The company’s guitar speakers such as Cannabis Rex, The Governor, and Swamp Thang are among the offerings of the new IR library. The collection was developed by Michael Britt, a professional musician and longtime IR developer/modeler.

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Aiming to ensure accuracy, Britt used an open back, 112 3rd Power cabinet to capture each guitar speaker’s unique character. With its flat response and reduced resonant frequencies, the cabinet choice minimized the sound it imparted to the speaker, helping to deliver a true representation of the speaker sound. He then profiled each speaker using seven different industry-standard microphones, with different placements to generate seven different IRs for each speaker.

Delivered as 24-bit .wav files in multiple sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz, the IRs are available only at, starting at $11.99, and are compatible with most DAWs and amp profilers.

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