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Fuse Releases VREV-666 Freebie Plug-In

Fuse Audio Labs has released VREV-666, a new, free reverb plug-in.

Fuse VREV-666 Freebie Plug-In
Fuse VREV-666 Freebie Plug-In

Duesseldorf, Germany (June 14, 2021)—Fuse Audio Labs has released VREV-666, a new, free reverb plug-in.

VREV-666 is based on a Sixties-vintage spring reverb originally built for the BBC, serving up bouncy and unpredictable vibes in its take on an electromechanical reverb. While Fuse Audio readily suggests that the results may not always be entirely faithfully representative, stating in its notes that “VREV-666 values character above realism,” the plug-in is nonetheless intended to provide an edgy, dirty vibe to audio.

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The original hardware featured a single effect gain control, but the VREV-666 adds an Effect Mix stage, a Pre-Delay of up to 150 ms, and a Tone EQ that attenuates the resonance of the spring system in the bass range. Meanwhile, an Effect Limiter built around a light bulb helps to tame peaks.

Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa notes, “While the few available hardware units remain much cherished gems inside the studios of spirited artists and producers, we’re delighted to make the original vintage character of this juicy reverb available for everybody’s DAW absolutely for free.”

The VREV-666 plug-in is offered for free to anyone who creates a free account on the Fuse Audio Labs website.

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