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Clear-Com Rolls Out Headset Sanitization Kits

New Headset Sanitization kits from Clear-Com can help users disinfect and replace certain parts of their headsets as needed.

Clear-Com Refresh Kits for Sanitizing Headsets
Clear-Com headset sanitization kits

Alameda, CA (September 11, 2020)—Clear-Com has released headset sanitization kits for its CC-300, CC-400, CC-110, CC-220 and CC-26K headset models.

The cleaning and disinfection high-touch equipment helps reduce the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. As more businesses begin to reopen and resume daily operations—broadcast facilities, houses of worship, theaters and many more—the sanitization of frequently used equipment, including headsets, is a growing concern.

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The new kits for refreshing and sanitizing headsets include replacement ear pads, replacement pop filters (wind screen), sanitizing wipes, ear sock covers and temple pads in a cloth headset kit bag. User-replaceable items for each kit differ slightly based on the structure of the headset—single or dual ears—and the headset series. The user-replaceable items can also be purchased separately from the kits as well

Simon Browne, Clear-Com’s vice president of Product Management, explains, “We try to consider the safety of our partners and end-users every step of the way. Although these are unprecedented circumstances, we need to do our part as much as possible to keep our products safe for use.”

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