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Heritage Audio 500 Series OST Enclosures Ship

The Madrid-based pro audio manufacturer has updated its four- and 10-channel OST enclosures for 500 Series modules.

Madrid, Spain (February 6, 2020)—Heritage Audio has shipped its 500 Series OST-4 and OST-10 V2.0 500 Series enclosures.

The new editions include a new feature, Link—a button that allows each channel to be linked to the next channel without patch cables.

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The enclosures also include the company’s On Slot Technology, giving each channel its own power supply, independently regulated, filtered and protected. “Many experienced engineers are aware of certain ‘power hungry’ class A or vacuum tube-based modules which could cause banks of 500 Series modules to ‘brown out’ or that simply would not work in some standard enclosures,” says Peter Rodriguez, founder of Heritage Audio. “OST enclosures offer the widest range of compatibility with all 500 Series modules, ensuring both that ‘demanding’ modules receive the power they need, and that adjacent modules remain unaffected.”

OST enclosures are constructed with a heavy gauge steel chassis, get finished in Royal Air Force Blue-Gray and are all built at the Heritage factory in Spain.

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