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Heritage Audio HA-609A Compressor Launched

Madrid-based Heritage Audio is introducing its HA-609A Compressor, which it considers to be a modern take on the classic diode bridge compressor.

Madrid, Spain (December 11, 2019) — Heritage Audio has introduced its new HA-609A, a tracking/mixing diode bridge compressor.

Built at the Heritage factory in Spain, the HA-609A is a modern take on the classic transformer coupled diode bridge compressor/limiter design, created with the intention of better accommodating the modern workflow.

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While some classic iterations of this design utilized IC chips and a class A/B amplifier stage, the HA-609A features an entirely discrete, Class A design and a total of three Carnhill/St Ives transformers per channel.

In an effort to provide better channel matching than earlier incarnations the HA-609A uses a proprietary system of diode bridge matching. Also, the unit sports rotary switches and high-quality stepped pots, aiding users when recalling settings.

The addition of a fast attack mode for both the compressor and limiter section allow the HA-609A to handle individual tracks as well as groups and 2-bus program material, making it viable for both tracking and mixing.

The HA-609A is expected to ship this month with a street price of $1,799 USD.

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