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Icon Pro Audio LivePod Plus Podcast/Streaming Interface Debuts

Icon Pro Audio has introduced its entry-level LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface.

Icon Pro Audio LivePod Plus Podcast/Streaming Interface
Icon Pro Audio LivePod Plus Podcast/Streaming Interface

Nashville, TN (September 24, 2020)—Icon Pro Audio has introduced its entry-level LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface, a smartphone-sized interface intended for content creation such as podcasting or streaming. The handheld device is available on its own and also as part of a LivePod Plus Toolkit bundle

The streaming audio processing interface makes use of a custom DSP with four 24-bit DSP cores and a 16-bit CPU that users can access via color-coded, backlit buttons that offer eight DSP-derived presets intended for speaking in a variety of styles. Vocal effects such as POP, Karaoke, MC, Live, Bypass, Pitch, Hi Tone, and Lo Tone are available, offering echo adjustment on select presets. They in turn can be adjusted using Hi (high), Mid, and Low tone effect buttons to dial in the desired sound, while the adjacent Vocal Tune button automatically shifts vocal pitch to tune it accordingly.

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Elsewhere, eight built-in samples — Fun, Laugh, LOL (laughter), Siren, Thrill, Air-horn, Clap, and Slap, as indicated by the associated emojis on their buttons — can be used to supplement audio on the mobile device or through an audio interface and into a computer). Sample triggers buttons are also on board, with Dry Wet — sending signal to the main output without and with effects, respectively — alongside Loop Back and Voice Over controls, the latter ducking audio when background music is present. Further front facia-sited features include eight-LED mic gain level metering and eight-LED line in gain level metering (for the topside-sited 3.5mm stereo line input socket, labelled BGM IN — indicating background music input), while a four-color LED indicates battery level.

Inputs and outputs include a 3.5 mm stereo headset output socket, 3.5 mm stereo line output socket, 3.5 mm TS microphone input socket (switchable to provide phantom power to work with 5V condenser microphones), and 3.5 mm TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) socket for direct connection with smartphones. Additionally, a DM (direct monitor) control on/off switch is provided (topside) alongside a power on/off switch.

The LivePod Plus Toolkit bundles the LivePod Plus Interface with a C1 condenser microphone and MB-02 tabletop microphone stand, a pair of Scan-7 in-ear monitoring headphones, two tabletop LivePod Plus or smartphone stands, and all necessary cables, in a carry case.

The Interface is priced at $229.99 USD; the toolkit bundle is priced at $349.99 USD.

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